Green herbs and yam tangy curry 

Tangy green herbs curry are very much popular in Assam. The environment of Assam are rich in vegetation and green leafy vegetables,called  (xaak). Generally herbs are preaperd by simply cooking in water with salt, lightly frying or as a thick soup or by adding to different varities of lentils. They are also prepared adding fish,meat and eggs.This dishes are simple to cook. Very less ingredients are need to added. 


Green herbs (Mustard,spinach,sour spinach leaves etc) Chopped 

Yam 1cup (cut into medium size) Boiled

Mustard oil 1tblspn 

1 chopped onions 

Panch phuran 1teaspn (fenugreek, fennel,nigella,cumin,carom seeds)

Chopped tomatoes 1cup

Turmeric powder 1teaspn

Rice powder 1tblspn

Water as required

Salt for taste


In a kadhai or pan heat mustard oil and add the panch phuran. As soon as it crackles add the chopped onions and stir it well. Now add the chopped tomatoes with turmeric and salt,again stir it well till it transfer into a fine mixture.Now add the boiled yam pieces and mixed it properly.Finally add the chopped herbs mixed it well and add water.In the mean time add the rice powder and give it to boil. And your green herbs curry is ready to serve 😁 


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