Egg chillies

This recipe was prepared when my elder sister visit my place without informing us.It was a surprise😝 I thought lets make a unique recipe for lunch.. I opened the freeze and found eggs.. A recipe comes in my mind😁 Giving a Chinese twist in it. As i  told you before that, i love to add some different twist in my recipes… Playing with foods is like heaven 😁😁😁😄This is a very simple recipe with adding few ingredients and easy to cook. And seriously speaking the taste was also awesome;)


Egg 4 (Hard boiled)

Chopped onions 1cup (in medium shape)

Salt as required

Oil 1tblspn ( I used vegetable oil )

Pepper powder 1teaspn 

Green chilies 4 splited 

Vinegar 1tblspn

Soya sauce 1tblspn 

Tomato sauce 1 1/2 tblspn

Sugar a pinch 

Spring onions 1cup

Corn flour 1teaspn (mix with a cup of water)


In a pan heat oil and add chopped onions saute it till the colour change. Now add tomato sauce, soya sauce and sugar, mixing it properly add the hard boil eggs and add salt into it. Saute it for a minute. Now add the vinegar and pepper powder, mix it well. At the final step add the cup of corn flour mixture into it, mix properly. Garnish with spring onions. Its ready to serve. Yummy isn’t it 😉 

Do try it and let me know your experiences via comment. You can follow me in my instagram account as  kukis_culinary.

Thanks 😘


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