Egg biriyani 

Biriyani is my favourite food. I can have it at any time ! I love the combination of rice and eggs, fried with adding garam masala’s.Not only egg briyani … Chicken biriyani is also my fav .. As i told you before that, biriyani is my favourite food.😁😁😁;) 

I preapred the biriyani on wood fire. Giving (dum). Dum is the process of cooking the biriyani. So let’s go for the recipe.


Rice 2cup

Hard boiled eggs 6

Ghee as required

Sugar a pinch 

Biriyani masala 1tblspn

Garam masala powder 1teaspn

Fried onions for garnishing

Chopped onions 1cup

Chopped tomatoes 1cup

Ginger garlic paste 1tblspn

Kaju+kismis 1/2cup (Raisins+cashews)

Whole garam masalas about 1tblspn (cardamom+cinnamon+black pepper+cloves+bay leaves+cumin seeds)

Salt as per taste 

Chopped coriander leaves for garnishing

Curd 1cup

Cumin+redchilli+coriander powder 1teaspn

Turmeric powder 1/2 reason

Lemon juice 2teaspn

Water as required


At first cooked the rice for biriyani. It should be 80% cook, because at last it will be cooked on giving Dum. For preapering the rice add whole garam masala’s on the ghee, splutter it. Now add the rice and water with adding salt as required. Cooked it till the rice half cooked. Note, the water quantity should be 1inch above from the rice. Don’t add much water or less water. Be careful in this step. I had cooked the rice in pressure cooker. Don’t give whistle. Cooked it for 5mins.

Now heat ghee in a kadhai or pan, add sugar and the half whole garam masala’s, splutter it. Add the chopped onions stir it and saute. Now add the chopped tomatoes and ginger garlic paste, cooked well. Add the all powderd masala’s and turmeric powder, saute it well. Now add the curd,mix it properly and add the kaju+kismis. Mix the boiled eggs, stir it well, cover and cooked it. Check the seasoning add salt as required. Saute it and at last add the garam masala powder and the biriyani masala stir it very properly.

Now let’s go for the layering process.

In a big kadhai, add about 1tblspn of ghee, add the half of the rice and half of the egg gravy, make a layer of fried onions and chopped coriander leaves. Now again add the another layer of rice and egg gravy one by one. And in the top garnish with fried onions, chopped coriander leaves, lemon juice and biriyani masala about 1teaspn. Cover the lid with giving a pressure upon the lid. Cooked it till 15mins in very low fire. I had cooked it in wood fire, so be very careful .. Check the fire continuously. Because it should no be very high, other wise it will burn from downside. The woodfire gives a very unique flavour to it. 

I preaperd this biriyani simply in my way. Actually i didn’t add any food colours, kesar, kewra essence. I found a different taste in it and i loved it. Adding less ingredients but the taste was mouthwatering 😄 Trust me 🙂

Do try it .. hope you will enjoy it…  Thanks ! 😁😆


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