Gajar ka halwa 

After a long time i prepared something sweet. So how can i stop sharing with you all..😁 Actually i have not much interest in preparing sweet dishes. And because of my workout routine .. I always skip sugar and salt in my diet. I only take the useful quantity of salt & normally skip the sugar. But wait guys .. Today is my cheat day ! Yeeeeee that means i have the right to eat every thing i want to have today 🙌 Sunday is always my cheat day. “Eat everything you love but always care about your body” ! 

Gajar ka halwa is a simple dessert.Simple to cook and take less time to preaper. Which is made up adding carrots and lots of ghee. There are different halwa preparations .. like, lauki ka halwa,suji halwa,moogdal halwa etc. These are the basic ones, but we can add other unique items also.. Such as some kind of different vegetables or lentils. And that’s up to you. Always try to preapre something different and new ! ☺ 


Gajar (carrots) 500gm chopped finley

Ghee 100gm

Milk 250gm

Sugar 200gm or as per as your taste. If you love more sweetness then add extra.

Cardamom powder 1tblspn

Dry fruits 1/2 cup (cashews+raisins)


At first wash and peel the carrots and chopped it very well. We need finely chopped.

Now boil the carrots in the milk, untill it cooked well. (Don’t over cook it)

Now heat ghee in a frying pan, and add the boiled carrorts with the milk.

Cooked it very well until the milk absorbed.

Add sugar and fry it well. Til the ghee separate from every sides.

Now in another pan fry the chopped cashews and raisin’s. Till it golden brown.

Add the chopped dry fruits over the halwa. Cooked the halwa for 15mins. You will notice it will change the colour to brown.

At last sprinkle the cardamom powder into it.

Ready to serve with hot puris 😁😄😄

Do try it and please let me now your comments. You can follow me at instagram as kukis_culinary 🙂

Thanks & goodnight 😄😘


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