Strawberry smoothie 

Refreshing smoothie after a long hard working day is awesome. Good for health with lots of nutritions. A best choice for a good diet. Smoothies are quick and easy way to get essential nutritions.The pretty pink colour of the strawberries grinding with milk and curd look amazingly beautiful.

After my long day at college , i feel tired returning home and wanna refresh myself with a chilled glass of strawberry smoothie.💞👌👌👌💞 The recipe is very simple,hope you guys will enjoy it ✌👍


6 Strawberries 

1cup hang yoghurt

1cup milk

Sugar or honey (as per as your sweetness)

Cardamom powder a pinch 

Salt a pinch

Fresh strawberries for garnishing


Cut the strawberries and grind them with adding fresh hang yoghurt and milk.

Add sugar or honey,salt grind it properly.

Serve it in a glass adding cardamom powder into it.

Garnish with fresh strawberries.


Give it a try guys .. Thanks !


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