Chilli paneer 

Again one of the simple and easy to cook recipe of mine.. Paneer preapred with adding chopped tomatoes,onions,capsicums and different ingredients.

My mom told me to make a dish with paneer.. But, why the same recipes of cooking.. Like sahi paneer,mattar paneer,paneer butter masala etc.. ! So i thought to cook something unique and very simple. This is my simple version of chilli paneer. And i can promise you that this recipe will hit your mouth with the amazing taste …. ! 😁


Paneer 200gm

Chopped onions 1cup (cube size)

Chopped tomatoes 1cup (cube size)

Chopped capsicums 1cup (cube size)

Garlic pods 12

Milk 1cup

Salt as required

Red chilli powder 1/2teaspn

Coriander powder 1teas

Sugar a pinch

Garam masala 1teaspn

Water as required

Oil for frying 


1. In a pan heat oil (vegetable oil) and saute the chopped onions,tomatoes,capsicums and the garlic pods.

2. Add salt for taste. 

3. Add the powderd spices except garam masala powder.

4.saute it properly. Add the paneer cubes.

5. Add the milk and water. (Water one can add about there prefer quantity)

6. Give it to boil. At last add the pinch of sugar and garam masala powder. 

Readyyyyyyyyyy ….. 😁😁😁😁 

Guys do try my simple yet delicious dish ! 😆;) I enjoyed it with a hot plate of steamed rice 🍚🍛

Thanks ! 😆


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