Mah-prasad recipe

Mah-prashad is a kind of traditional recipe which we offer to god in any ritual occasions. This a tradition among our Assamese culture. It was prepared in the ocassion of puja (worship)at our place. I love the preparation of our Assamese prasad because it is very healthy and have a very good nutrition values. The combinations of split Moog dal (green grams), kala chana (Black chickpeas) and ground coconuts are awesome,with adding salt,sugar and grated ginger. Generally the mah-prasad can be preapered also with adding only grated coconuts and black chickpeas.. That also gives a different taste. The most unique way of serving in banana leaves.. I just love that way.

1/ At first soak the green grams and black chickpeas overnight diffrently in different bowls.

2/Now wash the grams very well. (This is the main process of discarding the skin from the green grams) so be careful while the preparation.

3/ground the coconut (Don’t make fine paste)

4/ Now in a big bowl add the green grams,black chickpeas,coconut,salt,sugar and the rice. (Wash the rice very well)

5/ Now its ready.. 

Note= I had added only green grams and coconut .. If you want to add black chickpeas then you can.

Prasad can be served with different fruits.

Do try this … You can have it without any occasion.😝 let me know your comments. Thanks😘


8 thoughts on “ Mah-prasad recipe

  1. Very interesting recipe. ( to be true i used translation tool because there are lot of words I heard first time in my life… prasad.. grams) this the best part of blogging
    New word and world and ideas 🙂


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