Til pitha 

So finally our most imp0rtant festival which is bohag bihu is here… Assamese people celebrates the bihu occasion with full of fun and enjoyment.. Bohag bihu is one of our important festival because we welcome our new year. One of the biggest feast. We arrange lots of different varieties of foods, among them “doi sira”, “pithas” are important.. 

I prepared different dishes because my house is full with guests and my dearest family members. Til pitha is one of a very popular and top traditional dish of the Assamese people. One of the typical dish of our Assamese people. Let’s check the recipe …


Glutinous rice 2cup

Jaggery 100gm

Black sesame seeds 80gm

Scraped coconut 2tblspn (optional)

Water 4cups


Soaked the rice overnight 

Drained excess water and grind it properly. (I used our traditional method of grinding in dheki, you can grind it in grinder also)

Roast the sesame seeds and pound them to remove the outer layer or skin.. It will become white after removing the skin.

Cut jaggery into small piece and add it with sesame seeds.

Dry roast the scraped coconut and add it with the sesame and jaggery mixture.

Now heat a pan which is flat in size or you can use tawa.. 

Now give the powderd rice mixture on the pan. Spread it with your hand smoothly. If you can’t use your hand because of heat then you can take the help using a ladle or spoon.

Now in middle of the batter add the seasme mixture and slightly roll the batter with the help of a spoon. (Fold its sides very carefully)

Heat lightly before taking out from the fire.

Till pitha is ready to serve. Enjoy 

Please post your suggestions and comments. Thanks ! Wish all of you a very very happy Rongali bihu & a happiest Assamese new year.😘


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