Butter chicken (Murg makhani)

Hello everyone .. Again back to my lovable routine … Cooking ! So i am at my cousins place and they wants me to cook something special for them. And i decided to cook “butter chicken” ! Because at this moment every ingredients was available for the preparation of butter chicken..😁

Butter chicken is a rich creamy,buttery gravy with adding some authentic Indian spices and ingredients. This is a very popular dish among all over the India. It can be served with “Naan”, it is the best combo..;)👌

Now lets move through my preparation method.


Chicken 1/2kg marinated with turmeric,redchilli,coriander,cumin powder(1teaspn each), lemon juice (1/2 cup)& salt as required 

Butter 2tblspn

Vegetable oil 1teaspn

Fresh cream 1cup

Onion paste 1cup

Tomato puree 1cup 

Tomato sauce 1tblspn

Ginger garlic paste 1tblspn

Cumin seeds 1teaspn [sahi jeera(cumin)]

Coriander powder 1teaspn

Turmeric powder 1teaspn

Chicken masala 1 1/2 teaspn

Garam masala powder 1 teaspn

Redchilli powder 1teaspn

Sugar a pinch 

Salt for taste 


At first wash the chicken pieces very well. And marinate it with the above ingredients which is given bellow. Keep aside for a hour.

Now in a pan add butter let it melt and add the vegetable oil. 

Heat it and add the cumin seeds and let it crackles.

Add the onion paste,fry it very well and add the sugar.

Add the tomato puree and saute it.

Now add the masalas.. Except the garam masala powder.

Add the ginger garlic paste again saute it.

Add the tomato sauce and saute it.

Now add the fresh cream and mix it very properly.

Now add the chicken pieces.

Add salt.

Cooked it very well.. And mix it well.

Add water as required.

When the chicken will be fully cooked.. add the garam masala powder. (Don’t forget to check the seasoning)

Ready to serve. You can also garnished it with dried methi leaves. (Fenugreek leaves).

As at that moment methi was not available for me so i garnished it with fresh cream.

Hope you guys will love it. Do try it and let me know your comments..

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Thanks ! 🙂


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