Aam di bonua dali (Mango with lentils)

Hi there,today my post is based on mango .. “Aam ka season hai bhai” ! 👻

Let’s enjoy the season of mangoes with a beautiful & healthy starting !

This is beginning of the mango season and everyone is preparing different kind of recipes from mangoes. Mango is known as the king of fruits,and the national fruit of India. Mango can be used as raw or ripe both. It had a very unique favour in both stages. With the ripe mangoes there are various sweet dishes which can be prepared. And from the raw mangoes we can make different spicy, sweet dishes. “Aam panna” one of a popular juice in India which is prepared with the raw mangoes (kachaa Aam). The green colour of the Aam panna is just amazing !! Green colour indicates the raw mangoes…

Today i’m going to prepare lentils with mango. I used the raw mango. Which is a best combination with masur dal (pinkish red lentils). The recipe is very simple and one of the perfect recipe to beat the heat of the summer days ✌


Pinkish red lentils (Masur dal) 2cups

Raw mango 1cup chopped 

Oil 2teaspn

Onion 1tblspn chopped

Panch phuran 1/2 teaspn

Green chilli 1

Turmeric powder 1/2teaspn

Salt for taste

Sugar a pinch

Water as required


At first wash and soak the dal(lentils) for half an hour.

In a pressure cooker heat oil.

Crackles panch phuran in the hot oil.
Add chopped onions and saute it.

Add the green chilli,turmeric,sugar and mix it properly.

Now add the lentils and water.

Add salt and mix it. Close the lid.

Pressure it till 5 minutes.

Ready to serve and very easy to preapre! Give it a try. 

Please share your feedbacks if you liked it .. Thanks ! 💋❤


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