Sweet and sour mango pickle

Hello everyone… ✋💟

So…..again i’m back with a simple mango pickle recipe. In this season mangoes are available in our place because we have a huge mango tree … Yeeee .. !!!🌳 Do you know why i’m so much excited .. Because mango is my favourite fruit😋  and i can have it in the whole season 😉 yummmmmm !!!!! 

There are many recipes of mango in my mind and i will update it soon for sure. So let’s go for the simple pickle recipe. I gave the name sweet and sour pickle because of, the pickle will be sweet and the sour tast will comes from the raw mangoes. 


Raw mangoes 4 chopped finely

Sugar 2 1/2cup

Salt a pinch

Fennel powder 1tblspn


Wash and peel the mangoes properly.

Chopped it finely.

In a pan add chopped mangoes.

Add the sugar and stir it till the sugar goes melt. The texture should be sticky.

Add a pinch of salt,fennel powder. Mixed it very well.

Let it be cool & have this pickle with hot puris… 😁

Hope you guys will love this simple and delicious mango pickle. If yes then don’t forget to share your feedbacks ! 

I will be back with another mango recipe.

Thanks & have a nice day😘


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