Another passion 

Guys all of you know that i love cooking an this is my hobby with passion ..which can make me happy at anytime or at any situation (I mean in a positive situation😜)..!! Passion is something which we love to enjoy at any how. And i know that you guys also have an addiction of doing something where you find your happiness !

So… Why i right now telling about passion,addiction,hobby !! There is a reason behind it .. Guys i want to share about my another passion cum addiction which is “Singing” ! Yeah… i love singing i am a great fan of music ! Music becomes a very important part of my life from when i was in class 4 .. My music carrier starts with a very busy schedule.Later i also complited my “visharad” in classical music. But then there comes the study pressure, and a vast gap between my study and music!!!! 

And know i’m back to my music life.. Guys i had created a youtube channel “Kasturi Sharan”! So guys i really need your supports your inspirations with love and blessings! Please guys subscribe to my channel and please share the videos .. If you loved it …! I don’t know what will be my future ..but this is final that i’ll give my best !! If there are support of my well wishers i’m really going to do a great work!

Hope you will give me that support and blessings !! Once again a very urgent request to you all guys please share, like & subscribe to my channel “Kasturi Sharan” ! 

I hope everyone will grabe a great success in each life ! Thanks 😘


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