Mango ice cream shake

This a very common routine in our family to have a chilled drink of mango after breakfast!! Also one of a healthy diet menu.But “mango ice cream” shake … Sounds little bit unacceptable!! Lol just know i’m telling about a healthy diet but is mango ice cream shake can be a healthy drink ????? Nah ! Never .. not at all ! Wait guys .. ! Actualy yesterday was Sunday & (Sunday) is my cheat day of my 6days of workout that is why i’m telling about the “Mango ice cream shake” ! Though ice cream have lots of calories and sugar is a kind of monster it can make harm in your workout diet ! Hehe 😁 So guys those who are health conscious and fitness freak like me…if you guys can skip these kind of foods like fast foods,carbs,too much of salt,sugar. By skipping it will very much best and profit for your health! Do you know guys 10grms of salt all we need in our daily meals! Skip sugar & always try to use honey or jaggery instead of sugar! 

Okay know let’s come to the point & move to the recipe !


Ripe mango chopped 3

Ice cream 3 scoops 

Black salt a pinch

Sugar 1tblspn

Milk 1cup

Curd 1tblspn

Cardamon powder a pinch


Wash and chopped the mangoes.

Blend it in a blender with adding milk,curd, sugar,black salt. Now strain the extra pulps.

Add the ice cream and mixed it with hand. Add the cardamom powder mix it well.

Now in a glass add a scoop of ice cream then the juice again garnished it with ice cream and mango pulp. 

Its ready & really very very yumm !!

The juice is so heavy and full with calories.. But no problem coz sometime its better to satisfy our cravings ! Lol😂

Do try this 👍❤

Thanks !!💟💋


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