Behua, a typical assamese recipe !

“Behua” is a type of traditional chutney prepared with mustard seeds adding indigenous soda or (kolakhar). Behua has different names in different places of Assam,such as “Kharoli”,”Behar” but we called it “Behua”. Behua has a unique flavour it goes best with “Poita bhat” with a piece of fried fish & with some “Bhoot jolokia achaar” ! Yummm such a lips smacking taste !!!!

“Behua” is prepared in a traditional process. The seeds of mustard are grind in a “Dekhi”! (A traditional method of grinding with the help of our legs). But now a days few people have “Dekhi” in there home’s,so they prepared the mustard powder with the help of electric grinding machin. But i think the traditional process of making “Behua” was best,grinding the mustard with the help of “Dekhi” ! It gives an extra texture to the paste.


Mustard seeds 250grms

Kolakhar (soda) 1/2cup {kolakhar is prepared by the banana cover of “Athiya kol” by keeping in the sun for 2days & burning it, the ash is soaked in the water which is called “khar” in Assam.This a typical recipe only prepared in our Assam & N.E} will updated it soon !

Salt as required 

Green chillies 4 chopped (optional)

Process of making “Behua

At first clean, wash the mustard seed and keep out in the sun for 1day.

Wash and cut the banana leaf for wrapping the “Behua” brush oil in one side and keep it in the sun for 20mins.

Grind the seeds very well and sieve it.

In a bowl add the mustard powder,salt,green chilles,soda (kolakhar). 

Note: Be careful while adding the soda, excess use of soda will make it very bitter and it will taste bad. So add the soda little by little when you are preparing the dough.(like you are adding water in making dough of roti) 

Now knead the dough for 15mins or until oil appears,make a ball and flatten it.

Wrapped it in the banana leaf with a help of string.

Now again keep the parcel in the sun for 3days.

In the 3rd day the “Behua or “Kharoli” is ready to eat as chutney.

Do try this recipe dear friends ๐Ÿ‘ & let me know your feedbacks ! Thanks โค


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