Chicken roll

Hello my dear Beautiful peoples..!

How many of you loves roll?? I can guess everyone’s favorite!!! Right ?? I tried this recipe before.. and it was good enough! But when i prepared it today.. it was just amazingly yummm and lips smacking… !!! Healthy way of having fast foods at home. Which is very simple and tastes like restaurant foods.. !! 


Flour 2cup+oil 1teaspn+salt for taste (make a smooth dough by adding water)

For filling 

Fried boneless chicken pieces 1cup

Chopped onions 1cup

Ginger garlic paste 1tblspn 

Salt for taste

Tomato sauce 2tblspn 

Chopped tomatoe 1

Chopped capcisum 1

Red chilli powder 1teaspn 

Garam masala powder 1teaspn 

Eggs 2+1tblspn milk beat it well

Vegetable oil as required


At first kneed the dough very well and make round size balls..(The balls should be medium in size)

Make rotis (don’t make it too thin)

Now in a pan heat oil and saute the onions very well.

Add the chopped tomato and capsicums,again saute it well.

Now add the ginger garlic paste and mix it.

Add salt as required.

Add tomato sauce and mix it well.

Now add the fried chicken pieces are mix it very well.

Add red chilli powder and garam masala.

Keep aside and let it cool.

Now again in another pan heat a tblspn of oil and add the roti,immediately spread the egg mixture about 1tblspn, in the uncooked side of the roti.adding a teaspn of oil..flip the other side and let it cook.

Now add the chicken mixture and roll the roti..(The egg part of the roti should be inside)

Note: In the chicken mixture you could also add chopped onion at last,which gives an awesome taste)

Note: I prefered normal flour instead of refined flour. Which is good for health.

It’s ready…have it with green chutney..!! 👌😋

Do try.. and share your feedbacks! Thanks!😘


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