Achari bhindi

Sunday menu should be like something sepical and unique .. it’s it ? Everyone is home spending there rest time.. happiness could be spread with a delicious meal….!! Well…today, i prepared a simple and delicious recipe with bhindi. And this vegetable is actually not my favourite so tried to make something innovative. This is kind of a achari dish adding every masala which we use to make achar. Very simple to cook and taste good 😁👌


Bhindi (lady’s finger) 100grm [wash and clean with a kitchen towel & cut in length wise]

1 Tomato chopped 

Lemon juice 1/2 tspn 

Sugar a pinch 

Coriander powder 1/2tspn 

Turmeric powder 1/2tspn 

Redchilli powder 1/2tspn 

Dried mango powder 1/2tspn 

Garam masala powder a pinch 

Asafoetida a pinch 

Ginger paste 1/2tspn 

Fennel seeds 1/2tspn 

Onion seeds 1/2tspn 

Mustard seeds 1/2tspn 

Salt & water as required 

Mustard oil 1tblspn


In a pan heat oil and add asafoetida and the whole spices let it crackles.

Add the ginger paste and the chopped tomatoes saute it well.

Add the powder spices except dried mango powder.

Add sugar and mix it well.

Now add the bhindi and salt,mix it well and cook it well for 20mins. Add water as needed. [Don’t add much water]

When it will cooked well add the dried mango powder & the lemon juice. 

Its ready to serve.. isn’t it very simple and unique in flavour…? do try it & let me know your feedbacks!! Thanks 😘


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