My Simple Breakfast 

I’m very much addicted of my daily fitness routine.. ! And always trying and developing day by day. Loved the result after 6months of regular cardio. I’m really ‘blowing up’ !!! Hard work never goes unnoticed ! But as well as cardio,heavy workouts the perfect diet is also necessary. Here goes a very simple and healthy breakfast recipe.

Melon with oats


1Cup warm skimmed milk 

Oats 2tblspn 

Honey (optional) 1teaspn 

Chopped melons about 1/2 cup

Mint leaves for garnishing 


In a bowl soak the oats in the warm milk for 5mins.

Add honey (I personally don’t use any sugar substitute)

Add the chopped water melons.

Garnish with mint leaves.

And its ready… ! Isn’t it very simple?? Try it “Eat clean & stay fit” !! Thanks 😘


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