Oreo icecream 

Again a day to satisfy my cravings.!! Yeah i love sunday coz its my cheatday,and can satisfy myself with my favorite foods.. yeepeeeee !!!!  

So guys today i prepared an icecream recipe. As i was thinking to make it from a long time,today i got the free time. The recipe is all mine. And the outcome was just tempting 😊


Oreo biscuits 1packet small 

Marrie biscuits 1/2 packet 

Coconut milk 1cup 

Malai or cream 1/2cup 

Icing sugar for taste (Don’t add much sugar coz the other ingredients have enough sweetness)


In a bowl crush the biscuits very well.

Now add the remaining all ingredients and mix it very well in a mixture about 5mins.

In an airtight container add the icecream mix.

Keep it in the deep freeze for about 8hours.

Ready to serve 😋 

Do try it guys ..hope you will love it… Thanks!


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