Bengal current juice 

This is a very light drink with a vibrant red colour and very good for our all total health.”Bengal current” is a small berry size fruit which have a tangy and slightly sweet flavour when it is ripe.We use the raw fruits in our regular dal it gives a sour flavour to the dish. Pickles are made by the raw fruits.Both have the wonderful tastes. Mostly popular in west bengal. In assamese language we called it “korja tenga”. Personaly i love it so much 😋

This juice is pretty much refreshing and a healthy drink for the summer days !! 🍸


Ripe bengal current 1cup (you need to discard the small seeds)

Water 5cups

Honey or sugar as required 

A pinch of rock salt 


At first wash and clean the bengal currents. Discard the seeds properly.

Now blend the fruits adding water. Strain it.

Add the remaining ingredients.

And the beautiful health friendly drink is ready..!! Give it a try and share your feedbacks with me. Thanks 😘


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