Gluten free “Malai Kofta”

“Malai kofta” is a very popular recipe in all over India.Malai means cream while kofta means balls made with grated cottage cheese or paneer and with or without mashed potatoes,which are deep fried in oil. A rich and sweet gravy with some mild spices. But gluten free is something extra.. i am trying to alter some ingredients.Like i added curd instead of cream.(Curd made by low fat skimmed milk),and my dumplings are made by gram flour,sauted in less oil.You can also bake the dumplings.And my gravy was cooked in coconut oil.Some healthy changes..which was good enough to taste. lets move to the recipe.


Grated cottage cheese 1cup 

Boiled mashed potatoes 3

Pink salt to taste 

Honey a spoon 

onions 3 boiled and make paste 

Ginger 1teaspn 

Whole garam masala (5 cardamom,1 inch cinnamon,cloves 5,javitri 1,bay leaf 1)

Pepper powder 1teaspn 

Curd (low fat) 1cup blended well.

Gram flour 1/2cup 

Cashew paste 1/2cup

Raisins 10/12 chopped 

Skimmed milk 1cup


Boil the potatoes and mash it with grated paneer,chopped raisins and salt.

Make round size balls. 

Now make a paste with gram flour,salt and water. (Don’t make it too thick).

Coat the balls in the gram flour mixture and fry it.Keep it aside.

Now for the gravy heat oil in a pan.

Boil the onions and make paste.Add it in the pan with the whole spices.

Add ginger paste and saute it.

Now add the seasoning with honey.Mix it.

Add cashew paste.Mix it very well.

Add the beaten curd and mix it properly.

Add milk and water if required.Let it boil for 5Mins.

Now drop the dumplings into the thick gravy. Mix gently.

Add pepper powder at last.

Ready to serve the gluten free delicious “Malai Kofta’s”.

Goes best with pulao or butter naan.Do try and let me know. Eat healthy and live strong !! 💪🤗 


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