Banana flower fritters 

Here go the very simple and delicious fritters recipe for my beautiful friends!!

Banana is a source of different nutrients.And the raw banana is a pack of iron and different healthy minerals.The flower of the raw banana,which is known as “Koldil” in our assam,is cooked in various process,while frying,making gravy or fritters etc.


Chopped banana flower 2cups 

Rice powder 2tblspn 

Gram flour 1/2cup

Water as required 

Baking 1/2teaspn 

Salt for taste 

Pepper powder 1teaspn 

Cumin powder 1teaspn 

Mustard oil for frying or you can bake it.

Chopped onions 1cup 

Chopped curry leaves 10 


At first boil the chopped banana flowers,and keep it aside.

Mix all ingredients except oil.

Now heat oil in a pan.

Make round size balls with the help of your palm.

Deep fry the fritters.

Note: Fitness freaks you can bake the fritters too👍💪😁 

Enjoy 🤗

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