Scrambled eggs for morning breakfast 

Hello beautiful peoples how are you all..?All are doing great i think..well m very busy now a days..feeling very much lazy for writing and blogging 😁🤗 Managing time for today’s blog.Lets start 😁

“BREAKFAST” is an important part of my dail diet routine.Not only for me this is an essential menu for the entire people of the world 😁..Skipping breakfast is dangerous! As you guys know that i’m a fitness freak.. who is very much conscious about the health,diet,body etc!!😂😂 Okay…. lets come to the point …I prepared a very simple fitness recipe for today’s breakfast.Very less ingredients used with few spices.

Eggs 2

Chopped coriander 1cup 

Tomato chopped 2

Chopped onions 1cup

Turmeric powder 1pinch 

Salt to taste 

Lemon juice 1teaspn 

Ghee 1teaspn (Healthy fats)

Chopped green chillies 2 


In a pan heat ghee,add the chopped onions.saute it.

Now add the tomato chopped and green chillies.

Mix it well and cook it for a min.

Now add the turmeric,salt & mix it again.

Add the eggs and mixup well.

At last add the lemon juice and fresh coriander leaves.

Ready to serve.🤗😋

I have it with chapatis and olive pickle 🤗

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