Red chilli pickle πŸŒΆ

Hey everyone….😊

Again m back with an interesting simple recipe…!! Hope you guys will love it.Give it a try if yes 😁🀘

This one is my favorite…goes best with all kind of dishes … you can also add this pickle like sauce in noodles or fried rice…! Or for our assamese foods lover add this with our very own “pitika”,”behua” or “gaj tengar achar”..😁 sound delicious rite?? Yeah lets go for the recipe πŸ€—


Red chilles about 1/2kg 

Mustard oil 2cups 

Vinegar 1cup 

Salt to taste 


At first clean and wash the chillies and remove stems

Clean it with a kitchen towel.

Now make a fine paste,blend to a fine consistency.

Add all remaing ingredients. Mix it well.

Now keep it under the sun for 3 days.

Now preserve it inside a glass airtight container.

That’s it ….ready to serve πŸ˜„

Do try & lmme know πŸ€—

Thanks 😘

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