Another passion 

Guys all of you know that i love cooking an this is my hobby with passion ..which can make me happy at anytime or at any situation (I mean in a positive situation😜)..!! Passion is something which we love to enjoy at any how. And i know that you guys also have an addiction of doing something where you find your happiness !

So… Why i right now telling about passion,addiction,hobby !! There is a reason behind it .. Guys i want to share about my another passion cum addiction which is “Singing” ! Yeah… i love singing i am a great fan of music ! Music becomes a very important part of my life from when i was in class 4 .. My music carrier starts with a very busy schedule.Later i also complited my “visharad” in classical music. But then there comes the study pressure, and a vast gap between my study and music!!!! 

And know i’m back to my music life.. Guys i had created a youtube channel “Kasturi Sharan”! So guys i really need your supports your inspirations with love and blessings! Please guys subscribe to my channel and please share the videos .. If you loved it …! I don’t know what will be my future ..but this is final that i’ll give my best !! If there are support of my well wishers i’m really going to do a great work!

Hope you will give me that support and blessings !! Once again a very urgent request to you all guys please share, like & subscribe to my channel “Kasturi Sharan” ! 

I hope everyone will grabe a great success in each life ! Thanks 😘

Dry fish chutney

Hello everyone … !!

Today i’m going to share one of the popular recipe among the Assamese and Bengali peoples.And this is “dry fish chutney”. Its a simple recipe with very few ingredients needed.

Dry fish can be prepared with different varieties of small and big fish.The process is not too tough. Drying the fish means preserving the fish by removing the water from its body through heating them in the sunlight. It takes about 5-6 days to make the fish fully dry.This process is called fermentation. Dry fish stay good for long time and we can add it in different recipes. I love the fermented smell after making the dish.

In Assam different tribal community people cooked the dry fish as making chutney or smoking it. This a typical recipe among them. And though the Bengali’s also enjoy this fish by preparing chutney or curry. They prepared a wonderful recipe with dry fish and eggplant (Begun) ..!!😋


Small dry fish 5 (washed well and soaked in warm water)

Onion chopped 1

Garlic chopped 10cloves 

Garlic paste 1teaspn

Green chillies 5 chopped or splited

Red chilli powder 1/2teaspn

Turmeric powder 1/2teaspn

Salt as required

Sugar a pinch

Mustard oil 2tblspn


At first wash the fish very well and soaked it in warm water of 10mins.Heat oil in a pan and add the chopped onions and green chillies saute it. Add redchill and turmeric powder and the fish mixed it well.Now add the salt and the garlic paste again saute it for a while. At last add the sugar. Mixed it properly. And its ready..!! Preferred it with steamed rice.

Do try it 👍✔👌

Thanks !💟:)💞:)💟

Mango juice 

Hello my dear friends !! Again I’m back with a very simple and refreshing mango recipe, which is a delicious “Mango juice” !! 🍹 This is a very perfect drink which can be have it at any time. And best option to beat the heat of the summer…! 😉 


Ripe mango 4 chopped

Sugar as per taste

Black salt a pinch

Water 1liter 

Crushed ice 4 cubes


At first peel and chopped the mangoes.put it in a blender with crushed ice,salt,sugar and water.Grind it until smooth.Sieve it and throw away the leftover pulp and mango fibers.Serve the juice with ice cubes.And its ready !!

Do try it which is very simple & easy to make. Share your feedbacks ! Thanks😘

Sweet and sour mango pickle

Hello everyone… ✋💟

So…..again i’m back with a simple mango pickle recipe. In this season mangoes are available in our place because we have a huge mango tree … Yeeee .. !!!🌳 Do you know why i’m so much excited .. Because mango is my favourite fruit😋  and i can have it in the whole season 😉 yummmmmm !!!!! 

There are many recipes of mango in my mind and i will update it soon for sure. So let’s go for the simple pickle recipe. I gave the name sweet and sour pickle because of, the pickle will be sweet and the sour tast will comes from the raw mangoes. 


Raw mangoes 4 chopped finely

Sugar 2 1/2cup

Salt a pinch

Fennel powder 1tblspn


Wash and peel the mangoes properly.

Chopped it finely.

In a pan add chopped mangoes.

Add the sugar and stir it till the sugar goes melt. The texture should be sticky.

Add a pinch of salt,fennel powder. Mixed it very well.

Let it be cool & have this pickle with hot puris… 😁

Hope you guys will love this simple and delicious mango pickle. If yes then don’t forget to share your feedbacks ! 

I will be back with another mango recipe.

Thanks & have a nice day😘

Aam di bonua dali (Mango with lentils)

Hi there,today my post is based on mango .. “Aam ka season hai bhai” ! 👻

Let’s enjoy the season of mangoes with a beautiful & healthy starting !

This is beginning of the mango season and everyone is preparing different kind of recipes from mangoes. Mango is known as the king of fruits,and the national fruit of India. Mango can be used as raw or ripe both. It had a very unique favour in both stages. With the ripe mangoes there are various sweet dishes which can be prepared. And from the raw mangoes we can make different spicy, sweet dishes. “Aam panna” one of a popular juice in India which is prepared with the raw mangoes (kachaa Aam). The green colour of the Aam panna is just amazing !! Green colour indicates the raw mangoes…

Today i’m going to prepare lentils with mango. I used the raw mango. Which is a best combination with masur dal (pinkish red lentils). The recipe is very simple and one of the perfect recipe to beat the heat of the summer days ✌


Pinkish red lentils (Masur dal) 2cups

Raw mango 1cup chopped 

Oil 2teaspn

Onion 1tblspn chopped

Panch phuran 1/2 teaspn

Green chilli 1

Turmeric powder 1/2teaspn

Salt for taste

Sugar a pinch

Water as required


At first wash and soak the dal(lentils) for half an hour.

In a pressure cooker heat oil.

Crackles panch phuran in the hot oil.
Add chopped onions and saute it.

Add the green chilli,turmeric,sugar and mix it properly.

Now add the lentils and water.

Add salt and mix it. Close the lid.

Pressure it till 5 minutes.

Ready to serve and very easy to preapre! Give it a try. 

Please share your feedbacks if you liked it .. Thanks ! 💋❤

Fried Bengal grams 

Hey everyone … 😁 How many of you like Bengal grams ?? It’s a very healthy food which can be prepared in different ways. It can be cooked like boiling,frying,roasting etc.. Today i prepared a very simple and healthy recipe with Bengal grams. This is for my evening snacks. I just love it because of the tangy and the spicy taste. Let’s go for the recipe .. It’s very simple to cook and yummy to have. No more explanations for today .. Coz it’s a very common and popular recipe and yes as i told before very easy to preapre!


Bengal grams 2cups

Onion 1chopped

Salt as required 

Cumin seeds 1teaspoon 

Redchilli powder 1teaspoon

Coriander powder 1teaspoon

Garam masala powder 1teaspoon

Amchur powder (Dried mango powder) 1teaspoon

Oil as required

For garnishing = chopped onions and mint leaves 


At first boil the grams very well & let it cool.

In a pan heat oil and add cumin seeds for crackle.

Add the chopped onions saute.

Now add all spices & mix it very well.

Add salt for taste.

Finally garnished it with chopped onions and mint leaves.

Ready … Do try it today .. You can make it more unique by adding different ingredients. I loved it as simple as this way! 

Thanks 😁😘

Butter chicken (Murg makhani)

Hello everyone .. Again back to my lovable routine … Cooking ! So i am at my cousins place and they wants me to cook something special for them. And i decided to cook “butter chicken” ! Because at this moment every ingredients was available for the preparation of butter chicken..😁

Butter chicken is a rich creamy,buttery gravy with adding some authentic Indian spices and ingredients. This is a very popular dish among all over the India. It can be served with “Naan”, it is the best combo..;)👌

Now lets move through my preparation method.


Chicken 1/2kg marinated with turmeric,redchilli,coriander,cumin powder(1teaspn each), lemon juice (1/2 cup)& salt as required 

Butter 2tblspn

Vegetable oil 1teaspn

Fresh cream 1cup

Onion paste 1cup

Tomato puree 1cup 

Tomato sauce 1tblspn

Ginger garlic paste 1tblspn

Cumin seeds 1teaspn [sahi jeera(cumin)]

Coriander powder 1teaspn

Turmeric powder 1teaspn

Chicken masala 1 1/2 teaspn

Garam masala powder 1 teaspn

Redchilli powder 1teaspn

Sugar a pinch 

Salt for taste 


At first wash the chicken pieces very well. And marinate it with the above ingredients which is given bellow. Keep aside for a hour.

Now in a pan add butter let it melt and add the vegetable oil. 

Heat it and add the cumin seeds and let it crackles.

Add the onion paste,fry it very well and add the sugar.

Add the tomato puree and saute it.

Now add the masalas.. Except the garam masala powder.

Add the ginger garlic paste again saute it.

Add the tomato sauce and saute it.

Now add the fresh cream and mix it very properly.

Now add the chicken pieces.

Add salt.

Cooked it very well.. And mix it well.

Add water as required.

When the chicken will be fully cooked.. add the garam masala powder. (Don’t forget to check the seasoning)

Ready to serve. You can also garnished it with dried methi leaves. (Fenugreek leaves).

As at that moment methi was not available for me so i garnished it with fresh cream.

Hope you guys will love it. Do try it and let me know your comments..

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Thanks ! 🙂