Punjabi style Rajma recipe

Today i’m going to share one of my favourite dish “Rajma in punjabi style”. This is a thick and creamy gravy,which gives a perfect combination with rice or chawal.Kidney beans or rajma are high in fiber,potassium,lean protein,folate,magnesium and zinc.which is a perfect pack of good health.


Kidney beans 4cups (boiled)

Chopped onion 1cup 

Chopped tomato 1cup

Ginger paste 1teaspn 

Cumin seeds 1teaspn 

Sugar a pinch 

Salt to taste 

Garam masala powder 1teaspn 

Turmeric powder 1/2teaspn 

Kashmiri redchilli powder 1teaspn 

Thick curd or yogurt 1/2cup 

Chopped green chillies 2

Ghee 1tblspn

Lemon juice 1 teaspn 

Water as required 


At first soak the beans for 4 to 5 hours,wash it well and boil it.

In a pan heat ghee,add the cumin seeds,wait till cumin sizzles.

Now add the chopped onions saute it.

Add ginger paste and the green chillies chopped.

Add the chopped tomatoes.Mix it well.

Add curd and the remaining masalas.

When the mixture becomes tender,add the salt & sugar.Mix it properly.

At last add the rajma or kidney beans with water or stock.

Let it boil for 15mins.Add a teaspn of ghee & lemon juice at last.

Ready to serve..Do try 👍😋

Boiled cabbage with bean sprouts 

Here is the ultimate healthy recipe for you all. It taste yumm,less ingredients needed, and yes super easy to cook.


Cabbage 2cups chopped 

Bean sprouts 1cup

Onion seeds 1teaspn 

Salt to taste 

Onion 1 small size Chopped 

Green chilli 1 Chopped 

Water as required 


In a pan add 2cups of water,let is boil.

Add the chopped cabbage and salt.

When the water reduced add the chopped onions,chillies and bean sprouts.Mix it well and cook it for 15mins.

At last add the onion seeds,check the seasoning.

Ready to serve!

Do try 👍💪😁

Healthy morning

Hello everyone.. Today i want to dedicate the post to my fitness freak friends and health conscious buddies 😉

Health is the most important part of our life.My healthy diet schedule start with a warm glass of lemon water in an empty stomach. My breakfast is always full with fibers and green veggies.Morning meal is the most important part of our diet. Our plate should be king size….!I mean always eat breakfast as a king,lunch as a prince and dinner as a beggar.This is a most useful quote.Our morning breakfast should full with lots of nutritions.

So guys here is a very simple and yummy recipe for you all..do try 👍


Broken wheat 1cup soaked for 1hr 

Cabbage 1/2cup chopped 

Carrots 2 chopped 

Beans 1/2 cup chopped 

Green bell peppers 1 chopped 

Tomato 1 Chopped 

Red amranthus 1/2cup chopped 

Salt to taste 

Cinnamon powder & Cumin powder a pinch.

Water as required 

Olive oil 1tblspn 


In a pan heat oil and saute the veggies well.

Add salt and the spices.

Now add the broken wheat with water.. mix it properly.cover the lid and give it to boil for 10mins.

At last add a dash of lemon juice.

Note: Don’t over cook the veggies,the crunchy texture should remain.

Pink lentils chutney 

A very big hello to my dear friends .. how are you all .. hope all are doing great. Actually  i was busy with my regular official  works… didn’t get enough time for writing blog post..! 

So guys here is a very easy assamese recipe for you all… do try !

A very simple,interesting and delicious yet healthy recipe. Best recipe to beat the heat of summer. This is a typical assamese recipe. Goes best with rice and mostly with “poita vat”. Every assamese loves having “poita vat” or “pani diya vat”. I always love to have our typicall dishes,they are very interesting to cook and healthy for my diet. I don’t prefer spicey foods much ! So yeah assamese cusines fits best into my diet hehe 😉


Pink lentils 1cup 

Garlic 5 cloves 

Green chillies 2 

Fermented bamboo shoots 1tblspn 

Salt as per taste 


At first wash and soak the dal for 1hour.

In a bowl add all ingredients and steamed it in a steamer or you can place the bowl in the pressure cooker while preparing rice.

Ready to serve after 1 whistle.

Mashed it and make balls. Yummm🤗

Tips : for more flavour add ghost chilli pepper pickle while mashing it.

Pineapple chicken 

Pineapple chicken is a sweet and sour type of curry. The taste of pineapple added the uniqueness to this curry. And the combination is just perfect with chicken. Goes best with rice or pulao. The preparation is not so tough.. less ingredients are needed. I think it could be a great dish apart from the regular chicken curry.


Pineapple 1cup Chopped 

Pineapple juice 1cup 

Chicken 1/2kg (marinate with 1tblspn of pineapple juice,1teaspn ginger paste,salt,sugar,black pepper)

Onion chopped 1/2cup 

Onion paste 1/2cup 

Ginger garlic paste 2teaspn 

Vegetable oil as required 

Salt as required 

Garam masala powder 2teaspn 

Cumin seeds 1teaspn 

Red chilli powder 1teaspn 

Turmeric powder 1teaspn 

Curry leaves 15 


In a pan heat oil and crackles cumin seeds.

Add chopped onions stir it.

Add the ginger garlic paste and turmeric and redchilli powder,mix it.

Now add the onion paste and the curry leaves.

Add the marinated chicken,mix it and add salt and water,cook for 20mins covering the lid.

Now add the pineapple juice and chopped pineapples,saute it.

Cooked it for 15mins or the chicken pieces becomes tender.

Add the garam masala powder at last. 

Ready to serve..! Do try it 🤗🤗

Instant khaman “Dhokla” 

Preparing dhokla for the very first time. Love this gujarati snack. Dhokla is made by fermented batter of rice and split chick peas. Best dish for breakfast or evening snacks. I preapred an instant dhokla cause can’t stop my cravings,and the fermantion takes a day🙄 This was for our teatime snacks. Though this was my first attemp on dhokla,it comes out yumm 😁 


1cup gram flour/ besan 

Semolina 2tblspn 

Water 1 1/4 cups 

1tblspn oil 

Soda 1/4tspn 

1 1/4 tspn eno fruit salt 

1tspn salt 

2tspn sugar 

Turmeric powder 1/4tspn 

Green chillies 1tspn 

1tspn ginger paste 

Lemon juice 2tspn 

Stir the besan and mix with semolina,water,oil,salt,sugar,turmeric,gree-nchilli paste and ginger paste to a smooth batter. It should be in pouring consistency.

Beat well, add eno and soda.

Sprinkle lemon juice. Beat for a few sec.

Now pour the batter in a steamer.cover the steamer.(let the steam to escape)

Steam it for 1/2 hr or insert a toothpick if it comes out clean than its ready. Let it be cool.

For temperting 

1tblspn oil 

Green chillies 3 splited 

Mustard seeds 1tspn 

1tblspn lemon juice

1/2 cup water 

Sugar 3tspn 

Few curry leaves

Heat oil and crackles mustard seeds,add green chillies and curry leaves now add lemon juice,water,sugar.cook it for 4mins.

Now pour the mixture over the dhokla.

Wait for 20mins to turn out soft.

Cut into pieces. Garnish with coriander. 

Do try this yummy instant khaman dhokla.

Bengal current juice 

This is a very light drink with a vibrant red colour and very good for our all total health.”Bengal current” is a small berry size fruit which have a tangy and slightly sweet flavour when it is ripe.We use the raw fruits in our regular dal it gives a sour flavour to the dish. Pickles are made by the raw fruits.Both have the wonderful tastes. Mostly popular in west bengal. In assamese language we called it “korja tenga”. Personaly i love it so much 😋

This juice is pretty much refreshing and a healthy drink for the summer days !! 🍸


Ripe bengal current 1cup (you need to discard the small seeds)

Water 5cups

Honey or sugar as required 

A pinch of rock salt 


At first wash and clean the bengal currents. Discard the seeds properly.

Now blend the fruits adding water. Strain it.

Add the remaining ingredients.

And the beautiful health friendly drink is ready..!! Give it a try and share your feedbacks with me. Thanks 😘

Oreo icecream 

Again a day to satisfy my cravings.!! Yeah i love sunday coz its my cheatday,and can satisfy myself with my favorite foods.. yeepeeeee !!!!  

So guys today i prepared an icecream recipe. As i was thinking to make it from a long time,today i got the free time. The recipe is all mine. And the outcome was just tempting 😊


Oreo biscuits 1packet small 

Marrie biscuits 1/2 packet 

Coconut milk 1cup 

Malai or cream 1/2cup 

Icing sugar for taste (Don’t add much sugar coz the other ingredients have enough sweetness)


In a bowl crush the biscuits very well.

Now add the remaining all ingredients and mix it very well in a mixture about 5mins.

In an airtight container add the icecream mix.

Keep it in the deep freeze for about 8hours.

Ready to serve 😋 

Do try it guys ..hope you will love it… Thanks!

CHICKEN MASALA (my version)

Hello friends….. 😁

Today i prepared this recipe for our guest. The recipe was mine and it was heavenly! Goes perfect with chapati or rice. Satisfied that my family loved it too and now i’m very much sure that yeah, i cook good!! Well done kasturi… 😀😉 so guys no more description and lets move towards the recipe soon !!

Boiled chicken 1kg

Onion paste 1cup 

Ginger garlic paste 1tblspn 

Cumin,coriander,turmeric,garam masala & kashmiri redchilli powder combine it all and make a wet paste. (About 1tblspn)

Soya sauce 1/2 teaspn 

Tomato sauce 1teaspn 

Redchilli sauce 1teaspn 

Vinger 1/2teaspn 

Oil and salt as required 

Chicken stock 2cups

Whole garam masala’s 1teaspn 

Cumin seeds 1teaspn 

Bay leaves 2 

Cream for garnishing 


In a hot pan heat oil and add the whole garam masala’s,cumin seeds and bay leaves,let it crackles.

Add onion paste stir it well.

Add ginger garlic paste mix it and add the soya sauce,tomato sauce,red chilli sauce and vinger.

Now add the wet masala paste stir well.

Add the boiled chicken with stock.

Add seasoning and cook it for 15mins or when the water reduced.

At last garnish with a pinch of garam masala and fresh cream.

Believe me it was amazing.. do try it and let me know your valuable feedbacks! 

Peanut chicken 

Hello beautiful people… Today i’m going to share my own created recipe. I love to cook always something versatile which is unique and taste good as well. Peanut chicken is something like that. I was thinking what to cook for dinner.. there was chicken and a bowl of fresh peanuts..!!!  But don’t wanna make that regular chicken curry,butter chicken,chilli chicken etc.. Then suddenly i used my brain lol…😁 and tried my hands on the recipe. Lets go for it.. !


Chicken 1/2 kg (cut clean wash it very well and boil it)

Peanut paste 1bowl (soak the peanuts in warm water and make a paste)

Chopped onions 1cup 

Ginger garlic paste 1tblspn 

Green chillies chopped 1teaspn 

Ghee for frying 

Salt as required 

Water as required 

Milk 1cup

Turmeric powder 1/2 teaspn

Garam masala powder 1teaspn 

Red chilli powder 1teaspn 

Fennel powder 1teaspn 


In a pan heat ghee and add the chopped onions stir it.

Now add the ginger garlic paste & green chillies .. mix it.

Add the redchilli,fennel & turmeric powder mix again.

Now add the boil chicken pieces mix & saute it.

Add the paste of peanut .. stir it well.

Add salt and water required.Cook it well for 15mins.

Add 1cup of milk.

Add the garam masala powder. Garnish it with ring onions. Ready to serve with roti or rice.